Investigation & Identification

The first step in understanding any damp/water ingress issue is to investigate and understand the root cause of the problem. In traditional style buildings, general degradation over time can lead to a number of potential causes and these aren’t always apparent at first view. With extensive knowledge in this field, T and D are capable of ascertaining the cause of any damp issue. Our expert building surveyors will investigate your issues thoroughly and can often determine the root cause in a single visit, however in more complex situations we employ a combination of specialised CCTV monitoring, moisture detection and roof/building fabric investigations to ensure that the issue is identified and a solution proposed.

Damp Proofing Systems

We provide a wide variety of damp proofing systems to suit any circumstance. T and D offer control systems such as damp-proof wall coatings and specialised drainage to full waterproofing finishes such as Liquid applied polyurethane and lead flashing. From rising damp through to a failing roof, T and D always have a solution available for any water ingress situation.

Damp Prevention & Control

Here at T and D we do everything possible to ensure that any water ingress situations are dealt with in a preventative manner. In some circumstances however, a full prevention solution is not an option either because of building restrictions, the ‘cost factor’ or a host of other reasons. With this in mind, we also offer control solutions that ‘manage’ your damp situation, controlling water ingress so that any damage caused can then be repaired, ensuring the impacted area will no longer be affected. Whatever the issue, T and D will always find a viable solution.