Planned Maintenance

From minor repairs to extensive refurbishments, T and D will handle all aspects of your project from start to finish. By taking on board all of the health and safety, works sequencing, project control and activity management, you can be left free to manage your own interests without the additional burden of micro-managing the build.

Reactive Maintenance

From the initial planning to the handing over of the keys, our professional Project Management team are well equipped to deal with all aspects of your build. With a pro-active approach to task and an experienced team on hand to deal re-actively with all of the unexpected issues you can rest assured your project is in safe hands.

Peace of Mind

We are proud of our depth of experience in Project Management and our dedicated team are always ready and willing to help you achieve your project goals. We avoid problems by creating solutions and are always on hand to offer our advice to assist you in saving time and money. You can trust that T and D will always offer the highest level of service for the best value.