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We believe that being carbon neutral is an important business commitment. It goes without saying that it’s more pressing than ever to tackle global warming, as climate change is already devastating communities and wildlife around the world.

So what are we doing?

At T&D we’re trying to limit the impact that our business has on the environment by investing in electric vehicles to cut our CO² emissions. We’re also reducing waste as we strive to become a paperless business.

In addition to making changes to reduce our carbon footprint, we’ve partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain to calculate and offset our remaining emissions. We’ve become a carbon neutral business by investing in projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere (such as reforestation) as well as those that generate more planet-friendly power (for example solar, wind, and hydro based energy). Our certification means we are also funding the provision of energy-efficient solutions to the developing world (e.g. cooking stoves). This approach reduces emissions at a much faster rate than we could achieve on our own and also helps to reduce global poverty.

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