Investigation & Identification

Damp Proofing Systems

Damp Prevention & Control

The first step in understanding any damp or water ingress issue is investigation and identification of the problem’s root cause. For example, in traditional-style buildings, it’s often trickier to identify the culprit as the general degradation which occurs over time can result in multiple issues developing, any of which could be responsible and very few of which are obvious at first glance. It therefore takes extensive experience in dealing with damp-related issues to even pinpoint what the problem is.

Fortunately, T&D’s expert building surveyors are able to perform a thorough investigation into your issues and will often identify the root cause upon their first visit. In more complex situations, where the issue is not so clear, we employ a combination of specialised methods including CCTV monitoring, moisture detection, and roof /building fabric investigations in order to generate an effective and lasting solution.

In terms of damp proofing systems , we offer a wide range to suit each and every circumstance. These include damp-proof wall coatings and specialised drainage, as well as full waterproof finishes such as liquid applied polyurethane and lead flashing.

Though prevention is the first solution we look to when dealing with water ingress issues, we also know that preventative measures are not always possible. For situations when building restrictions interfere with proper proofing, or budget does not allow for the most effective solution, we’ve developed control solutions which will “manage” the damp and limit the water ingress, ensuring that any damage can be repaired.

By considering these problems from multiple angles, T&D are always prepared with a viable solution in any circumstances.