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Full External Restoration

Malvern, Church Street


A full restoration of the external building fabric

Following an external survey it was noted that the external building fabric had deteriorated over time and repairs were required.

Having been drafted in to complete the remedial repairs we instructed one of our approved scaffolders to design a full scaffold to the TG20:13 standard.

With the scaffolding in place a full survey was done of the building and a report, summary and quote were issued to the client.

With the instruction to proceed in place issued the T and D team worked alongside sub-contractors to lovingly restore the building back to its original glory. Bespoke moulds were made off site to ensure the perfect finish, matching the original finish of the building and our skilled joiners worked on site to complete seamless repairs to the sash windows soffit and fascia.

Once all repairs were completed the building was completely redecorated to the clients specification using external gloss to the timber work and water based silicate paints to the façade to ensure longevity.


  • Scaffolding fully compliant to TG20:13
  • Decorative repairs done on a like for like basis using moulds made bespoke off site
  • Timber repairs completed by skilled joiners
  • Full specification issued by specialist suppliers for all paints