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Professional Decorating

Internal Decoration

External Decoration

Whether you’re in need of a new look for the office or a complete renovation of a building exterior, T&D is equipped to handle all of your professional decorating needs. This includes more in-depth jobs like complex wallpapering solutions — but even the smallest paint jobs are handled by our expert team of decorators.

For internal decoration, we are able to accommodate special projects like clinical rooms and surgeries, having spent over 25 years decorating properties and working in the most challenging environments.

Some projects, like external decoration, require more planning and consideration due to aspects such as element exposure. You can rest assured, however, that the T&D team is adept at reviewing the situation and proposing optimal solutions, whilst considering all potential issues (e.g. increased weathering for coastline properties). Whether the project entails a restoration or a complete stripping and redecorating of a building, the best finishes and solutions will be implemented to suit each case.