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Chard South Somerset

High street Chard


Architect services to survey and draw up building plans and elevations, obtain listed building and building regulation approval;

forming a team with the Structural Engineer and Surveyor formulate a schedule of works following laboratory analysis and carry out extensive sensitive repairs

liaising with the conservation officer keeping as much original material and features as possible, following damage caused by severe dry rot


  • Erect Scaffolding to the front of the building clean stonework repair damaged limestone and replace and decorate sash  windows and wrought iron balustrading.
  • Off of a Spider MEWPS ( mobile elevated working platform)  demolish unstable chimney and later rebuild off of scaffold in imperial brickwork with lime mortar
  • Erect scaffold roof to rear with an internal birdcage, strip and demolish roof keeping as many timbers possible, fit new oak timber kingpost roof, lath and lime plaster ceilings, plaster walls,  new lead gutters, flashings and slate roof.
  • Erect birdcage to carriageway  support rotten floor joists cut off ends of joists and wall plate add new sections with scarf joints and cleats, lath and lime  plaster under joists, over passageway
  • Erect raking  sheeted scaffolding with roof over to large oriel window, install new steel ring beam, replace rotten floor joists with new conical slated roof , repair large sash windows with new zinc cladding to


  • Erect scaffolding and support large ornate  plaster cornice , remove floor boards and strip out rotten ends of joists and wall plate add new sections to oak joists  with scarf joints and cleats, new oak flooring lath and lime  plaster under joists
  • Remove rotten ornate Panelling and skirtings structurally support steel  lintel supported by brick piers, demolish and rebuild piers,  replace panelling and skirtings to match
  • Needle over archways to remove cracking brickwork, caused by dry rot to timber noggins  and rebuild with new timber formwork in imperial  brickwork and lime plaster
  • Remove rotten sash windows noggins and skirtings,  Generally replaster and replace bespoke  like for like with new local decoration
  • Chemically treat all infected areas for dry rot and other infestations