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Mill Cottage Shropshire

Mill Cottage, Paytoe Lane, Leintwardine, Shropshire, SY7 0NB

Keys Child Care Group


On the front elevation there are missing/damaged roof tiles. A lot of tiles have slipped and fallen into the gutterline. Internally there’s a historic leak in the staff bathroom that’s been causing damage within the manager’s office.


  • Erect scaffolding at the front of the building to the gutter height (with handrails running up the eave for edge protection).
  • Remove the damaged and slipped roof tiles.
  • Fit new reclaimed roof tiles to make good (approx. 120 tiles).
  • Break off flaunching at the top of the pitch and re-flaunch in over the roof tiles to make good.
  • Strike all scaffolding.


  • Strip out shower, toilet, and hand wash basin to locate historic leak.
  • Cut out and replace split pipework.
  • Reinstate the bathroom with new flooring to match existing.